January 5, 2008

5 Biggest Bra Myths | Plus Size Bra Advice & Tips

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Women have been strapping themselves into some kind of breast containing device for eons. Historical records show that some type of bra was worn by women as far back as far back as ancient Greece when Grecian female athletes bound their chests while exercising.
There are many myths about bras, but the 5 bra myths that drive us the craziest are:
Bra Myth #1: Wearing a bra prevents sagging breasts
Breast tissue is made up mostly of fat; it has no muscle at all. Sagging breasts occur naturally because of genetic disposition, gravity, involution (when a breast no longer has to produce milk for suckling) and time. A good support bra is designed to prevent the breast from appearing to sag – but only while it is being worn.
Bra Myth #2: Full figured women can find a great bra “off-the-shelf”
Full figured women rarely find a well fitting bra without first having a professional breast measurement taken. The special needs of heavy breasted women must address band and cup size in addition to type of straps and which garments the bra is being worn under.
Bra Myth #3: Full figured women can save money by buying cheaper bras
When it comes to bras, ‘you get what you pay for’. For a full breasted woman, it is essential that her bra be constructed of a good quality material that is going to withstand the friction of everyday use while adding support and comfort to heavy breasts. Lower quality, cheaper materials will only disintegrate in pretty short order and will soon have to be replaced. Quality bras are stylish, comfortable and, when properly fitted, can alleviate the shoulder pain that is prevalent in large breasted women.
Bra Myth #4: The looser the fit, the more comfortable the bra
On the contrary – a well fitted bra will not move around. A well fitted bra stays in place and will not irritate exposed skin on sensitive friction points of the body. A properly fitted bra not only provides adequate support to heavy breasts, it also distributes their weight evenly, which provides more comfort and looks better too.
And the biggest myth of all…
Bra Myth #5: there are no sexy bras designed for women with large, heavy breasts
Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s fashion mavens pay particular attention to the wants and needs of the fuller figured woman by designing sexy bras embellished with lace, under-wires and other fashion attractions in order to enhance the aura of sex appeal in women of all shapes and sizes.

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